Tony “The Tiger” Lopez visits Marinobles

Tony "The Tiger" Lopez visits Marinobles

Tony “The Tiger” Lopez visits Marinobles

Tony “the tiger” Lopez  came to Marinobles for a fighter pep talk Tuesday night for the exciting up coming events that Marinoble fighters have on schedule.  Amateurs Eddie Egan and Shawn Birkley have local matches this weekend and next month.

On the Professional side Marinoble trained fighter Max pain Griffin will be fighting in the UFC August 20th in Las Vegas on the undercard of McGregor and Diaz rematch UFC 202.


Thank You Tony for taking the time to come out to Marinobles and instill some world champion knowledge to our fighters. True Wisdom

Upcoming bouts

The Titans Cage 13
Eddie Egan vs Nick Dillman

Max Griffin vs Colby Covington
Ultimate Fighting Championship #202

Anthony Hernandez
Global Knockouts