August, and the start of the school year!

It’s been a fantastic summer, and we’ve gotten a lot of great training in over the past couple months. I would like to take the time to congratulate all children, teenagers, and early adults for starting the school year! (Or getting close to it.)

I would like to remind everyone to always try their hardest in school. It’s very important to be proficient in the skills of life, that school with teach you, along with the skills you learn here in Martial Arts. This is very important, especially for youth, to understand.

And, your work in school ties into your work here at Marinoble’s as well! Marinoble’s Martial Arts offers an academic achievement program. Turn in your first report cards from this year, and you can earn some awesome patches to wear on your uniform!

I hope that everyone had a blast over summer, I look forward to continuing to help you learn, train, and succeed!

~Benjamin Eklund