Competitive Fighter Training

We Are In The Business Of Training Champions

To get the training a “champion competitive fighter” needs it is important to have the experience only a true champion can offer. Our Competitive Fighter Class is  headed up by our one and only Max “Pain” Griffin.

Max "Pain" Griffin

Max started with our very own  Bok-Fu system many years ago, continued on with kickboxing and MMA and now has built a very successful career as a Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. Max holds the following MMA titles:

  • West Coast Fighting Championship Interim Middleweight Champion
  • International Sport Combat Federation Welterweight Champion
  • West Coast Fighting Championship Welterweight Champion
  • Ultimate Reno Combat Welterweight Champion

Max Pain Griffin

With Max Griffin as your trainer you will get a true insiders look into what being a competitive sport fighter is all about. You will learn the tricks of the cage to the best methods for developing your very own style that wins fights.

Max Pain Griffin

Getting insight into the pressures and strategies of a championship team will prepare you to survive your toughest battles and succeed where others fail.

Max Griffin Training


Learn everything from technique to sparring to the kinds of endurance drills that will let you compete for five rounds and still be wanting more. At Marinobles Martial Arts we have well over 20 years of proven training methods that breed champions.

Max "Pain" Griffin

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