Real World Weapons Training

This is not your traditional weapons class (go to our Bok Fu classes for that). With crime and violence the way it is today there is a real good chance you could find yourself in a confrontation with someone holding a weapon. This class shows you how to deal with situations and how to understand what is needed to survive these encounters.

Real World Self Defense

Taught by Michael Peloquin – Special Instructor, Weapon Defense, CEPTED High Risk Certified and Instructor at Arms these classes will cover all of the basics of fighting with kinves, sticks, baseball bats, machetes and anything else you can think of.

Weapon Defense Techniques

Being able to protect yourself and your family in any situation. There aren’t any katas or martial art forms to learn here and there is no belt ranking system. This is the real deal meant to teach you how to survive using whatever you can.

Knife Defense Techniques

What do you do if you are confronted by a group of thugs looking to rob you and beat you up? What if your family is with you? What are your surroundings and the weapons available to you? A rock, a bottle, dirt, words … all weapons. Learn how to use them in the most dire of circumstances.

baseball bat defense

Once you have gained some of the basics its time to actually put them to practice. Almost every class we put the pads on and actually see how the techniques work, get the timing of a real fight down and start to gain the training that might save your life one day.

Knife Sparring Training