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Bok Fu is a self defense system with roots back to the Shaoulin Temples in China. It’s core it White Tiger Kung Fu, Kenpo Karate and Shotokan. In more modern times elements of Tae Kwon Do and Ju Jitsu were added to complete the system. The Marinoble Bok Fu system also incorporates some of the key fighting lessons of MMA and Kickboxing.

Part of the Bok Fu System includes traditional Martial Arts weapons including training and application with Nun Chucks, Eskrima Sticks, Sickles, Staff, Kamas and swords. Additionally, the self-defense parts of Bok Fu include defense techniques for dealing with guns, knives and more nontraditional weapons.

It is a great system for kids

Learning techniques and actually using them in real-life situations are two totally separate things. One of the ways we help students in making the application of the training natural is with sparring. Weapons sparring (padded), light contact sparring and also point sparring are all a large part of our system. Nothing increases the confidence in a student of the martial arts like actually using it in competition.