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Martial Arts is a fantastic outlet for kids. It builds confidence and self-esteem as well as self-discipline, respect, concentration and courtesy. It is also one of the best way for kids to get a steady amount of exercise.

Martial Arts allows children to excel at an individual sport, giving them the ability to flourish in this activity, while combining physical and mental practices. It hones coordination and athletic conditioning and provides a positive environment for kids to grow up in.

Top reasons kids join Martial Arts

Physical Fitness

One of the most common reasons for enrolling a child into a martial arts class is fitness just like adults. Childhood obesity rates are climbing, children are spending a lot more time in front of the television, playing video games and using a computer.

Martial arts is attractive since it is a very good source of exercise that also teaches skills. Martial arts can help improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, strength and overall energy levels.

Life Skills

These skills include discipline, self control, patience, confidence, courage etc. Our classes and instructors reinforce what is already being taught at home. Martial arts classes can be a valuable tool for helping to really drive home the points you make at home in a very real way.

Self Defense

Bok Fu is a complete system of self-defense that works in the real world. A combination of White Tiger Kung Fu, Kenpo Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Ju Jitsu, and Kickboxing, it will teach you to defend yourself against single or multiple attackers, stand up and ground defenses, offensive techniques, and weapons attacks.

Attending this class would benefit both the aggresive child by teaching them to respect others as well as their own power, and the more reserved child by teaching them how to calm a situation or defend themself if need be.

Behavior Issues

Martial arts are a great way to “re-focus” kids that need a little extra work staying on track. Our instructors are positive influences on their classes and work hard to remind children how important sportsmanship, respect, demeanor and self control are. Our classes are serious but fun at the same time.

Kids enjoy attending and they really get to see their achievements as they climb their way to the top of our belt system. The look in their eyes each time they get a new stripe on their belt is proof how reaching a goal is one of the most rewarding experiences they can have.

Safe, after school activity

Many parents are just seeking a safe, wholesome, useful activity for their child to occupy some of their free time. These parents don’t want their child to sit at home all evening, or want them to get involved in something that makes them set and follow through on goals. Martial arts training will certainly help in that respect. The relationships built between classmates and with an instructor can last a lifetime and have a huge positive impact on a child’s life

Please feel free to call or just come down and check out the Dojo. Watch a class or two and sign up for your first class absolutely free. Let us introduce your child to modern day Bok Fu or Sport Ju Jitsu.