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Head Instructor

Dave Marinoble – Head Instructor of:

Bok Fu – Kickboxing – MMA – Ju Jitsu – Weapons – & Professional Fighting 

Senior Instructor

Stephen Eklund – 3rd Degree Black Belt & Senior Instructor of Bok-Fu

Certified Instructors

Mikaela Martinez – Third Degree Brown Belt of Bok-fu

Matt Fischer  Black Belt of Mixed Martial Arts

Sam Patterson – Black Belt of Kickboxing

Ryan Sharma – Black Belt of Bok-Fu

Benjamin Eklund – First Degree Black Belt of Bok-fu

Nate Bumpus – First Degree Black Belt of Kickboxing

Erin Hidalgo – First Degree Black Belt of Bok-Fu

Instructor Trainees and Assistants

Unlike everyone above, these individuals are not yet certified instructors. They do however, assist our instructors greatly, and deserve a spot on this list. Only two people below are above the age of 18. Our instructor training program is invite only, and for students who have achieved a high rank, and are interested in helping others learn. It also focuses mostly on younger students, as they usually have more time to help out. This does not mean adults are excluded. After vigorous training and instruction, these people are worthy to teach kids, and adults alike, and we are confident in their ability to provide proper instruction.

Nick Thomson – Green Belt of Mixed Martial Arts

Timea Torok – Red Belt of Kickboxing

Diego Avalos – Brown Belt of Bok-Fu

Enrique Rey – Brown Belt of Bok-Fu

Rryan Rey – Brown Belt of Bok-Fu

Preston McManus – Brown Belt of Bok-Fu

Eric Sharma– First Degree Brown Belt of Bok-Fu