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The Marinoble Fighter Program:

At Marinobles your Pro Fighter Program will work on:

– Martial Arts: Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Bok Fu, Muay Thai
– Fighter Skills: Wrestling, Grappling, Greco Roman, Ground and pound
– Conditioning: Deep strength training, Core Building, Endurance Drills
– Attributes: Flexibility, strength, speed, power, balance, knowledge
– Nutrition: A complete system
– Mental Fortitude: Respect, focus, knowledge, heart

Why do I need a trainer?

It’s no secret that most fighters work harder, train better and perform far superior in the fighting arena with help from a good trainer/coach. Give yourself the best chance at becoming a champion by training like a champion. Marinobles uses well known standard techniques for basic training as well as patented exercises that are champion specific.

Does it matter who my trainer is?

Train the right moves with the right trainer. The more you practice your particular techniques, the more your nervous system becomes familiar and you naturally get faster. As you train to do those skills you wish to be faster and stronger at making a conscious effort to do them with your best speed and power efforts! The better those practiced techniques are to start the better you will be as a fighter. Train to win and the wins will happen.

The Total Marinoble approach:

Mr Marinoble is focused and committed to his fighters. Your Pro fighting program will include personal and group instruction in Kickboxing, Wrestling, JuJitsu, Grappling, conditioning and Nutrition to make sure you are ready for each and every one of your fights. Ringside assistance and “Cornering” are also available.

With your complete commitment and the Marinoble team in your corner, your success can become a reality.

About Mr Marinoble:

Dave “The Madman” Marinoble has trained in Shaolin Kung Fu, Kickboxing and has over 15 years teaching Modern Bok Fu.

He holds a:
– 4th Degree Black Belt from Master James Kane
– 5th Degree Black Belt in Ju Jitsu as awarded by Professor LL Cary
– Black Sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu by Sifu Eddie Chong
– 7 years in Bak Mei Kung Fu
– 7 years in Inosanto style of Escrima Stick Fighting

His Titles are:

– 2001 IKF World Middleweight Champion (Malaysia),
– 1999 USA International World Middleweight Continuous Point Fighting Champion
– 1999 IKF North American Super Middleweight Champion
– 1999 US Professional Middleweight Kickboxing Champion
– IKF North American Middleweight Champion
– WC JuJitsu Light Heavyweight World Champion
– ISKA United States San Shou Champion
– IKF United States Light Middleweight Champion
– IKF United States Middleweight Champion
– IKF United States Super Middleweight Champion
– USAK Middleweight Champion
– 1998 Silver Medalist – JuJitsu World Games
– 2001 Bronze Medalist – JuJitsu World Games
– 2004 Gold Medalist – JuJitsu World Games
– Currently United States Sport Ju Jitsu Fighting Coach

Champions trained by Mr Marinoble:
– Anthony “Fluffy” Hernandez – LFA Middleweight Champion, UFC fighter
– Max “Pain” Griffin – “King of Sacramento”, West Coast Middleweight & Welterweight Champion, Tachi Welterweight Champion, UFC Veteran
– Rick Randolph – Gladiator Challenge World Heavyweight Champion
– Mike Bravo – IFC Lightweight Champion
– Bo “Redrum” Cantrell – Gladiator Challenge World Heavyweight Champion
– Reuben “Warpath” Villareal – Gladiator Challenge World Heavyweight Champion
– Robert Elledge – 2-time National and North American Kickboxing Champion
– Andy Nunez – 2-time World Forms Champion, Silver medalist Sport Ju Jitsu
– Mike Marinoble – North American Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion
– Justin Ewen – World Weapons Champion, International Gold Medalist Ju Jitsu
– Derrick Burnsed – USA National Middleweight Kickboxing Champion
– Lisa Tierney – Silver medalist World Ju Jitsu , 2 time Gold Medalist Sport Ju Jitsu
– Urijah “California Kid” Faber – WEC – Featherweight World Champion, UFC Veteran
– James “Sandman” Irvin – WEC Light Heavyweight World Champion, UFC Veteran
– Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith – WEC Middleweight Champion, UFC Veteran