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Our Bok Fu system for kids introduces real Martial Arts skills with challenges that will help your child learn the value of working hard towards goals.  Coached by our team of professional instructors the kids in our Bok Fu classes have fun, exercise and learn skills that will help them be strong confident people as they grow up.

Punch by punch, form by form and belt by belt children gain experience and accomplishments that will follow them all their lives. With each new achievement, you can see them walk taller and feel better about themselves. Martial Arts is great for kids!

They learn their bodies with each and every class. As they are challenged to try new moves and remember new forms and katas they will begin to see some of their potential. We love to watch as these kids grow up and to see the fantastic adults they become.

Bok Fu katas and forms are intended to task the body and the mind. The concentration required to flow through these Kung Fu forms helps train the mind to focus and pay attention to a child surrounding and their bodies.

Kids will face many situations where they will be challenged by others. Handling these confrontations with grace and a sense of calm knowing that they know how to handle themselves if a true gift to kids. Bok Fu’s self defense forms are designed to show kids how to protect themselves and others regardless of the size difference.

Traditional Martial Arts Weapons teaches the young student how to be careful and learn to master something outside of their own body. Challenged with these historic tools kids find that they feel great as they learn not only how to excel with them but even compete.

The ultimate experience in Martial Arts is actually testing it out. there is where you learn how it works and what control and power are. Our Bok Fu program includes regular sparring (with padding) to help your child really commit the moves they know to muscle memory and to help them gain confidence in real life situations.